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Image titleSELL Or Buy FIRST?  

If you are selling and plan to buy a replacement home, what is the best way to go about it?  Timing is so important to avoid selling and not having a new home to move into.  However, there are things that a seller and/or buyer can't control and that may result in needing a Plan B.  The best preventative for a smooth transaction is to seek the advice of a Realtor.  

  • You may not be able to immediately find the home you want to move to

  • Your home may not sell as quickly as hoped

  • Buyers and Sellers may have unexpected roadblocks that hold up or cancel the transaction

  • Repair or Appraisal issues may present delays

  • It may not be possible to perfectly coordinate moving dates with all parties

Right now inventory of homes for sale is low, which is good for you as a seller but can be a challenge for you as a buyer.  The best thing is to have a plan should there be a delay between the closing of your sale and closing of your new purchase.  Have a place to move short term (family, short term rental, hotel for a weekend) and arrange for a storage unit.  Your Realtor can help! 

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