Top 2019 Trends in Home Decor

Dated: 06/10/2019

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Top 2019 Trends in Home Decor

Looking to refurbish your home, add some new twists, or start new, but don’t have the means to hire an interior designer, then this post can help you! By staying up to date with current trends, you are more able to understand what will look best in your space.

In 2019, vintage aesthetics are making there way back in a way that has never been seen before.

Here are the top trends you should get on top of:

The Color Black

Black is now being seen in various ways, whether it’s furniture, prints, walls, finishes, or fixtures, the power and elegance of the color can make a room or space attractive. One of the most popular home design trends of 2019 is having all black walls, but experts are suggesting to pair the black with lighter colors to enhance the overall size and appearance of the space.

Green Accents

Last year, greenery accents and accessories were booming and that is continuing into 2019. The idea of decorating with textured plants and succulents is a way to bring life into the home.


Wall Lamps and Sconces

The concept of having less tabletop space has translated into modern wall lamps and sconces. This way of design is both traditional and unique. The new idea of three-armed ceiling lamps is becoming wildly popular as it creates a compelling and comforting light scheme.

Unique Console Tables and Seating

Statement-making pieces like a simple console table or a seat are starting to be designed in a way that boosts the visual interest of a room and helps define it.

Curves and Smooth Edges

Remarkably one of the biggest changes to take place is the use of curves and smooth edges instead of typical boxy edges and clean lines. Round shaped furniture and smooth fabrics now seen on sofas, coffee tables and other pieces are radiating comfort and elegance.

Maximalist Art

The art of minimalism is out and maximalism is in. The space encompasses personality as you can mix colors, patterns and textures in any way you want. With maximalism, you have much more freedom and ability to bring in transitional and eclectic design styles into the space.

Natural Elements

The reflection of the world including the natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite is now dominate in home décor. These spaces are representing an authentic, organic and serene vibe.

Canopy Beds

Designers are starting to see more and more clients buy updated grand canopy beds as they bring a sense of comfort and safety. They now are able to fit in almost any room and don’t come off as overbearing or unnecessary.

Geometric Patterns

Although this is not a new trend, the colors are being seen bolder with oversized patterns to make a bold statement. Surprisingly enough, wallpaper is returning and is featuring these shapes.

Incorporating any of these new trends does not take too much effort or money. You would be pleasantly surprised to see how elevated your house can become after a few simple updates. Whether you are selling your house or wanting to make a change for your own pleasure, these interior design trends can take you there!


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Top 2019 Trends in Home Decor

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