How to Prep your House for the Hot Summer in Utah

Dated: 07/02/2019

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How to Prep your House for the Hot Summer in Utah

Now that summer is here and the temperatures are rising, staying cool is very important! The temperatures are slowly rising, so there is still time to prep for the scorching Utah sun. 

The easiest way to beat the heat is by cranking your A/C up so that your house is a cool 68 degrees. Although this would be extremely nice, your electricity bill would be very high.

A growing consensus says that it’s best to place your thermostat at 78 degrees. This is a cool enough temperature to keep you comfortable, and it’s warm enough to keep your electricity costs down. 

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Here are five things you can do to beat the heat:

Close the Blinds and Curtains

Keeping the sun out of your house is the first step in keeping your house cool. Although drawing the curtains or shutting the blinds won’t stop the sun’s heat, it will create shade within the space and help keep the temperatures down. 

In an article published by Family Handyman, you can save up to 7% on your energy bills by keeping the sun out of your house using blinds and curtains. Additionally, by keeping the blinds and curtains closed you can lower interior temperatures by up to 20 degrees. 


Don’t Turn your A/C Off When You Leave the House

It’s common practice to shut off your A/C completely when leaving the house, which makes sense if no one is home to use it. That being said, you can find a balance with leaving the A/C unit on. 

You don’t want to shut off the A/C completely, but you don’t want to cool an area where no one is there to enjoy the cold air. When you are about to leave the house, set the thermostat to 83 degrees. This way, your A/C unit won’t have to go into overdrive to cool your house back down, but it will still be saving energy.


Do the Heavy Cleaning at Night

Dishwashers and laundry machines use quite a bit of hot water and consequently give off a lot of heat. The dishwasher used hot water to get all of the food off your dishware, and then uses heat to dry the dishes off. If you pair that with the heat coming from washing a load of laundry using hot water and from drying your clothes on high, the temperatures will rise in the house. 

By doing laundry on nights you don’t run the dishwasher, you save yourself the sweat and money by avoiding morning cleaning. 


Take Advantage of the Weather and Have a Cookout

The heat stoves and ovens create can warm your house up in no time. Once the oven opens at 325 degrees, the heat cancels out the A/C that cooled your house down. 

Summer is the perfect time to break out the grill and have a cookout. By cooking outside, you are not only keeping the hot air out of the house, but you can also give your A/C a break while you are outside enjoying. 


Give your A/C Unit the Tune-Up it Needs

Even though there are ways to reduce heat, you are still going to want to use your A/C unit. In order to get the best out of your air conditioning, both financially and temperature speaking, you may want to give your A/C a tune up. 

There are professionals, like SameDay Heating & Air that can come out to your place and take a look at your A/C unit. They will check for proper operation and functionality of the most important gadget you need for the summer. 

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