When Halloween and Decor Collide

Dated: 10/16/2019

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It’s finally time to start decorating every part of your home for the holiday months. Everyone knows that for the next few months, every crevice of your home needs to be jam-packed full of beautiful holiday decorations. October is a lovely month to sprinkle touches of orange, red, and yellow in every free space you can fit it. 


The holidays are a time where you get to spread your creativity throughout your entire home. Not only is it fun to spread the joy outside of your house, but it’s also very exciting to insert pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons throughout your personal dwelling. But, just in case you’re coming up short, and are not sure what you’d like your home to look like, let’s go through it together!

Starting with the exterior of your home


The outside of your residence is the statement piece. It’s the part of your home layout that will sell the idea that you’re a creative genius. And if it’s really important to you, make all of your neighbors inspired and motivated to get creative too (or make them jealous, whichever comes first, right?). 

Interior Too


The interior of your home can basically just be something that is exciting to you and your family; with lights and leaves and pumpkins! If you have people coming to your home it can also be a chance to show off your mad decorating skills!


Either way, there are some very important things to consider before diving into creating the perfect spooky scene in your home!

What is your theme?



The most important part about decorating for anything is figuring out a theme! Let’s say you’re decorating for summer, you decide you’d like a nautical look; which is perfect. With this knowledge, you can now decorate with cute mermaids, pirates, fish, etc. 


Now, imagine you’re decorating for Halloween (which will be easy, because it’s the point of this post) do you want a spooky theme or a cutesy theme? This answer will really change the course of how you decorate everything. It’s always possible to have a mix of both, but are you going to use more orange and red leaves and smiling ghosts or are you going to go full haunted house and use scary dolls and spider webs you can run into?


Once you have your theme it’s time to pick out the decor that you will be using. If you chose the scary theme route, it’ll be slightly different than if you chose the cutesy theme route.


Spooky Theme


The spooky theme will require things that will make your house resemble an old victorian age home. Lanterns and candles lighting up each hallway and adding a haunted ambiance to your home (simultaneously making any spirit who missed her wedding comfortable in her large beautiful dress). Here are some more key components to making your home spooky and fun for any child to clutch to their parents as they walk up to your home:

Paint all of your accessories black

Setting a vase of black flowers around your home will really bring in the spooky spirit that you’re trying to sprinkle into your home. Black lace under the vase with the black flowers will really bring in the haunted ambiance together.

Throw Sheets over your Furniture

Throwing white sheets over your couch and chairs will make the home look as if it was left behind many years ago; possibly even by someone who thought they’d be coming back for it all!

Place Busts around your Home

Placing old inspired busts around your home makes the house look as if an old victorian woman did the decorating and placed the sculptures around the home in remembrance of some old ancestor that meant a lot to her.

Add a gallery of old pictures

Adding these photos that are sepia, grainy, and old will add a mystical mystery to your home. Putting this collage over the black flowers and lace will really drive the point home that you are the owner of a beautiful and haunted home.


Cutesy Theme

If you prefer the cute and happy Halloween over the creepy Halloween, we have a lot of options for you too. And trust us, they’re all truly very cute!


Creating a cute home for this holiday may seem like it’s a whole lot easier. And maybe in a lot of ways, it is. However, there’s still a lot of room for creativity; let’s help those creative juices flowing with some ideas, shall we.

Warm Welcome

The first step in creating a beautiful, cozy welcome to your home is by decorating your front porch. By adding cute little pumpkins that have been painted or carved by the kids can add a trusting and warm embrace into your home. It’s as if when the person who is coming to visits knocks on the door, they already feel warm and cozy. You won’t even have to offer anyone hot cocoa, and you can save it all for you and the fam!

Bats, Purple Spiders, and Leaves; Oh My!

Quite possibly the best part about the season is exaggerating the life that we see around us. Bats that are taped around a bookshelf, massive purple and orange striped spiders crawling up the pantry door, leaves and lights lining the television. All of these things make the holiday season come to life. We see spiders and bats when we walk outside but adding large ones across our home makes for the perfect reminder that it’s the holiday season, and you absolutely get to be extra about it.

Small Statement Pieces

Placing cute and happy pumpkins around the home can make the cutesy culture of your home come to life. Adding orange and red accents across the home will really brighten your home when the evenings start getting darker and darker throughout the season.


As mentioned before, the days get shorter and shorter with the start of fall. That’s most likely why Christmas lights are so popular. However, autumn can also be a hard season for many people, adding those lights around any place you want (behind cobwebs, lining your house, lacing through the backyard, etc.) can really brighten the mood!

Moral of the Story

Halloween is the start of the long three month holiday season. This time of year can be really fun and enjoyable and also kind of stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes, simple is better, sometimes going all out is the best part of the whole holiday season. No matter how you decide to create your home, it should be an opportunity to bring smiles not only to those around you but also to your face! Happy Halloween and happy decorating!

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